Easier Airport Security

Going through airport security can be a pain. Going into lines just to take off your shoes, some clothing and any baggage you have with you.

There is a way to simply walk while being checked. The technology is called Alfa3. It's a thermal type of imaging.

Unlike the metal detectors at the airport, Alfa3 can not only spot metal but also nonmetallic objects such as liquids and gels.

The standard scanners do not have a very high accuracy rate but the Alfa3 a significantly higher resolution which will result in better accuracy and automatic detection.

Now the only complication is to make people know this technology exists. "It's not like selling sunglasses," says Dr. Alexander, "somebody already knows they want sunglasses, so they go and buy them, whereas with this system you have to explain the advantages with respect to what else is available on the market."

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