10 Animals With Incredible Superpowers

The animal world can really amaze you with its quirks and unusual wonders. These animals can do things that are so rare and amazing, it’s almost like they have superpowers.

1. The mantis shrimp

This colorful little shrimp isn’t just pretty, he’s also pretty strong! He can deal a punch so shard, he’s known to break through aquarium glass. No wonder because his hit has the same strength as a gunshot! Not bad for such a little fella.

2. The Alpine ibex mountain goat.

Goats are good climbers, that is a well known fact, but for these goats there simply is no “too steep” They can climb walls and rockfaces almost vertical. Spiderman should take notes…

3. The Immortal Jellyfish.

The Turritopsis nutricula has the ability to fold in on itself when it reaches the end of his life, absorb itself and return to the polyp stage to start his life over again!

4. The hairy frog.

This frog is also known as the Horror Frog, and for good reason. The “hair”are actual external gills full of arteries. And if that wasn’t scary enough, it can make it’s own retractable claws by breaking his toe-bones and jabbing them through his skin. A real life Wolverine!

5. The pistol shrimp.

Another shrimp, this one also has the power in it’s claws. Not by punching but by snapping it, shutting its claw so fast it makes the water around it boil and create a soundwave up to 218 decibel.

6. The Axolotl

If breaking your tongue by pronouncing it’s name would be a superpower, this little salamander would have it. But there is a reason this friendly looking amphibian is also known as the Frankenstein Salamander. It can loose and regenerate not just it’s tail or limbs but every part of its body, including organs and even it’s head and brain, without showing scar tissue. A bit more freaky however is that he can “adopt” limbs from other axolotl as his own. Yes, that ALSO include a head and brain!

7. The Mimic Octopus

The mimic octopus is a species of octopus capable of impersonating other sea creatures. while octopuses are known for being able to change their skin color and texture in order to blend in with their environment, this amazing animal does that and more. He has been seen mimicking animals like a jellyfish, a sea snake, a flatfish and the dangerous lionfish. That’s one impressive way to hide in plain sight.

8. The electric Eel

This fish that can grow up to seven feet ling has a shocking power up his sleeve, 600 volts of shocking power to be exact! Luckily for us humans the charge of electricity it emits is so short it’s not lethal for us. However, it CAN cause heart fibrillation and that is a dangerous thing. So… no petting the eel please…

9. The Platypus

This guy may look cute and they do love to play and cuddle when kept in captivity, but beware! The Platypus has spurs on his hind feet that give off poison! It’s not lethal but very very painful. His real superpower though is electrolocation, which means he can locate other animals based of the electric current in their muscles. Pretty cool!

10. The shapeshifting sea cucumber

Less cuddly but still amazing is the sea cucumber. When threatened these animals have a whole range of defense mechanisms. Some discharge sticky threads, others shoot vital organs out of their behinds ate the enemy and escape (the organs quickly regenerate) But the best way to escape is to go in hiding and sea cucumbers can almost liquefy their bodies, shapeshifting themselves into narrow cracks ore holes. Personally I would prefer that over shooting my organs but whatever works, right?

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